Pop Show Line-up 2018

​Tickets are $10

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Addie Franklin & Layla Poston
Home-Jimmy Swim
Amber Conway
Drive my Car
Aubrey Wallace
Dog Days
Carmela Urdaneta
Route 66
Christina Sancho-Spore
David Voogd & Enrique Funes
Attention-Charlie Puth
Harli Daniel
Walking on Memphis
Jillian Lopez
Jordan Jonson, Jillian Lopez, Morgan Ross & Grayson Born
Home-Phillip Phillips
Julie Chacon, Harli Daniel & Amber Conway
Longtime Traveler-a cappella
Kendall Etnyre
Ring of Fire
Kira Joyner
Mackenzie Talley
Blackhorse on a  Cherry Tree
Nate Edwards
Amarillo By Mornin'
Raelyn Pass
I can’t remember the title
Raynin Rachel
Don't Know Why
Sally Nasrawi
Don't Speak
Taylor Bench